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Men of great personal integrity

May 16, 2013

Last week, former Guatemalan dictator Efrain Rios Montt was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Reagan and Rios: Committed to Democracy

Reagan and Rios: Committed to Democracy

Here is what Ronald Reagan, president of the U.S. A., said of the man at the time:

“A man of great personal integrity”

He is totally dedicated to Democracy”

Geeee, why do those people overseas hate us so much?



You love some, You bomb some!

April 7, 2011

Tell me who your friends are, I tell you who you are” (An Arabic Proverb.)

Bahrain, a strong US ally: Speaking about one of our staunchest ally, the brutal monarch of Bahrain, Dan Williams, from Human Rights Watch who is in Bahrain, said of the US supported regime:  “They are leaving no oppressive stone unturned. They enter the homes of people already detained and ransack their homes; they are keeping people in detention with limited access to their lawyers and families.”

The Obama administration, which considers Bahrain a crucial ally, has issued tempered criticisms of the crackdown but has not pressed for a change in government.

Saudi Arabia, a strong US ally:  Mr Gates, our defense secretary who is visiting Saudi Arabia, described the one-on-one session with the Saudi oppressive ruler to reporters as an “extremely cordial, warm meeting. I think the relationship is in a good place.” 

This is the same Saudi Arabia that is ruled by a privileged family with an iron fist;  that produced Bin Laden; where women are not even allowed to drive; where  books can not make it to the country; a land that is a throw back to the middle ages.

Mr. Gates did say that he declined to raise with the king  the Saudi decision to send in troops to crush an uprising in neighboring Bahrain, where the majority Shiite population is being systematically terrorized.

The US on Libya: Bomb the hell out of the dictator Qadhafi.

The US clueless population:  “why do they hate us?”