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Mr. Mikati: Pro West or Pro Hezbollah? Make up your mind WP!

January 25, 2011

A headline in the Washington Post today declares

Hezbollah-backed candidate in line to become Lebanon’s new prime minister” 

Aha, I thought. Hezbollah must have pulled off a coup d’etat. I read further 

 “But even as Hezbollah worked to install its candidate as prime minister, the group tried to play down its role in the new government.”

It gets better! Israel has a say so about what government Lebanon can or can not have:

“Silvan Shalom, an Israeli vice prime minister, called the possibility of a government dominated by Hezbollah “a very, very dangerous development,”

At this point, my suspicions were confirmed.  Nassrallah himself is going to be the next prime minister in Lebanon.

But wait a minute. Toward the end of the referenced article , you read this about the new prime minister:

“The American University of Beirut graduate, who also studied at Harvard, served as Lebanon’s prime minister briefly in 2005. He is known as a moderate with good relationships with Syria, Turkey, Arab neighbors and the West.”

If that is  Hezbollah’s man, then they cant be all that bad, can they?

Can anyone just point out to me how to square that circle?