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Children of the Screen….

January 24, 2010

Future runaway kids don’t have to roam downtown L.A. or Rio De Janeiro. They may just be (or  pretending to be) sleeping in the bedroom next to yours.

According to a new study by Kaiser Family Foundation, kids (age  8 to 18) spend  7.5 hours a day on average plugged in to their smart phones, tv, computers, or other electronic devices. And just when the researchers thought kids couldn’t spend any more time doing that, given how many hours are in a day, they amazingly were able to make  the time (the average was 6.5 hours five years ago)!

How well do you really know your kids? Are you  raising your kids according to where you believe their best interest lies? Or are all these sites, friends, companies,  and advertisers (some of them may even be good) having bigger influence than you are? Even when you have the power, though admittedly often difficult, to limit their screen time?

It is really an unfair fight. You are a parent with increasingly limited time and resources. You have to contend with big media corporations that are catering to your kids with profit as the sole motive. You’re trying to raise your kids while all these corporations, under one disguise or another,  are trying to do the same. It reminds me of the Borgs in star trek who plug in to feed on a steady stream from “the collective”.

I may not be smart enough to forsee how this new generation of “screen kids” will turn out. But I know this. There is an ever easier and unlimited  access for “strangers” who seek joint custody (and not on your terms!).

It is wise to keep that in mind.