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Obama’s scary vow

August 3, 2011

Looking  at a headline from The WP today, I am truly shuddering.

“Obama vowed to keep working for a “balanced approach” to deficit reduction.”

Ha ha ha, this would have been hilarious if it weren’t so serious. If he  keeps working as hard as he has been, by the end of his term, we’re all going to be in bankruptcy courts. 

What  transpired out of his hard work so far: 

A tax cuts for the billionaires

proposed cuts to social security

Proposed cuts in  medicare and Medicaid benefits

Cuts in education

Expansion of two major wars and starting a third (with at least two more to come in Yemen and Somalia) paid for by borrowed money that is exploding the deficit he’s supposedly trying to balance.

His balanced budget deal was indeed paid for by the very people who were crushed by the economic meltdown caused by the very people whom he is really fighting for: The rich and the powerful.

And let’s not forget unemployment rate that is over 9% , and when you take into consideration the part-timers it is closer to 20%.

This is a guy who repeatedly declared in his “Hope” campaign: 

“We are going to roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.”

Words are so cheap to this guy. Or as the French chansonnier Pierre Bachelet would have it

Les mots pour [lui] sont sans valeur“.