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Why do they hate us? Hint: Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen….

February 19, 2011

Have you heard from Obama lately? No, I don’t mean about his budget plans.

Yet another autocratic ally, Bahrain, is shooting at peaceful demonstrators (and killing quite a few) demanding the unthinkable: Democracy and freedom! And we’re practically silent. At best “we’re watching very closely”, as Hillary Clinton said! This is one of our major allies in the region, by the way! The home of our own fifth fleet.

Full disclosure: Do you want to know who our allies in the middle east are? Every monarch; every autocratic, brutal dictator. Every corrupt state ruled by oligarchy of oil, wealth, and generals. It is as simple as that! (Except Syria so far, but that is a story for another day)

Does anyone still buy into the idea that we’re a benevolent force in the world out to spread our alleged values: Democracy, freedom,  and human rights? Pleaaaaaase!

Does anyone still not know the answer to the vacuous question: “Why do they hate us”?

The sooner we realize that, the safer and the better off we’ll all be.