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The mystery of food labels

July 24, 2011

What is on your dinner plate?

Wild-caught salmon or wild salmon?

Free range chicken or cage free chicken?

Are there no nitrites/nitrates in the processed meat you’re eating or is it sodium nitrate/nitrite-free?

Is your bread slice whole wheat or is it made with whole wheat?

If you feel confused, well may be for a good reason. The EWG prepared a list solving  the mysteries and uncovering the chicanery the food corporations are throwing your way.

One has to wonder though: Why is it easier to do algebra than actually decipher food labels? Why do food labels have to be so convoluted that they may as well be written in hieroglyphics or  dictated by Allen Greenspan? Why do they lack transparency more so than the Obama Administration? And why do food corporations get away with it all?

Whatever it is, it is certainly not  because corporations  are known for altruism or they’re inherently a force of good in our lives.