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The happiest Valentine I will ever have: A joyous turn in Egypt

February 11, 2011

Today, on this joyous occasion of the departure of one of the Middle-East’s most brutal despots, Hosni Mubarak,  I’d like to revisit a blog I posted on February 1, 2011, and recite the verses from Abu AlKassem AlShabbi, Tunisia’s love and freedom poet.

If people, one day, demand  life

Then destiny must obey

And the night, most certainly, will  clear

And the chains must break

Indeed, that is what happened today in Egypt.

I am very well aware that the road to a free Egypt is still long and arduous. I am very well aware that the same forces that installed and stabilized Mubarak’s regime for the past 30 years (most notably the United States of America), are still lurking in the background, waiting to undercut the democracy movement, and install an heir to Mubarak that would continue his legacy under a different name. But I am also confident that freedom is so contagious and sweet that once you have tasted it, there is no turning back! It is sweeter than my first kiss!

May be the long night and the nightmare of foreign influence is coming to an end. May be the humiliation and despair induced by the USA- and- Israel- enabled dictators in the region are dissipating. May be, at last, the dawn has broken in the land that had been at the forefront of civilization twice.

I am full of hope, faith, love,  joy, and pride. The most powerful forces are frolicking in my soul and I am relishing every moment of it.