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Prophetic words from a great Tunisian poet

February 1, 2011

I’d like to announce my exhilaration and pride at what has been going on in the Middle-East. I am teetering on the edges of tears and redemption.

From Tunisia to Egypt and from Lebanon to Jordan and Yemen. Change is in the air. And it smells sweeter than my first love.

I don’t know for sure whether all these brave freedom marchers are going to prevail in the end. For I know that Mubarak and his masters in Washington are capable of any atrocity. But it makes me proud and happy to the far edges of tears to see people rising for their rights. 

So even if they don’t prevail, and I have high hope they will, they will have  uprooted the myth  of the invalid Arab street. They will have a brave and proud  legacy of rebirth, again, to pass down to the next generation. They will have shaken these brutal regimes and their masters in the United States of America; the beacon of democracy!

It is appropriate, since this auspicious wave of uprising started in Tunisia, to recite a few lines from the great Tunisian poet, Abu Al-Kassem Al-shabbi, talking about the will of the people:

If people, one day, demand  life

Then destiny must obey

And the night, most certainly, will  clear

And the chains must break