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The American tourist we met in Florence

June 7, 2011

She was a spunky middle age woman we met in Florence, Italy. She’s enjoying her vacation, mingling and actively seeking conversations with other fellow human tourists in that magical  town imbued with arts , history, and beauty.

We looked “different” enough to her and, apparently, she was tired of her own fellow citizens so  she decided to unload all of her  “culture”  and all of   her  knowledge of religion, geography, and history (although one of us turned out to be from her own country)

Over a yummy Italian ice cream cup in a “cafe trottoir et pattisserie”, she said:

-“So where did you come from?”

-“From Lebanon” I said.

-“Ohhhh, you’ve come a long way, then”, she concluded.

Her accent and demeanor gave her away as , perhaps, 10th generation American (if they go back that far!).  Lebanon was only three hours away. Naturally then, her comment aroused my curiosity. She must be living in Rome or somewhere in western Europe, I thought.

-“You’e not American then?”, I said.

-“Of course I am.  I came all the way from New Jersey”, she excitedly declared.

My partner and I looked at each other trying to stifle more than just a smile.  We did not want to embarrass this friendly lady though and left it at that.

I’ll spare you her knowledge of all the details in the muslim religion down to the burial rituals. Suffices to say, they were off by more than the distance from New Jersey to Florence.

We had a great time by the way and that good-hearted lady, with all her geographical  and cultural challenges , made it even  better. It wouldn’t have been as nice without her.