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Seeds of democracy in the Middle East are the seeds of worry in Israel

March 11, 2011

Israel is worried!

Listen to its prime minister, he is nervous.

Listen to its foreign minister, he is worried.

Listen to members of the “Knesset”, they’re worried.

They’re so worried, they’re asking the US to intervene!

Now one must conclude there must be an army of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that is about to obliterate the country with the 4th largest army and with the over 250 nuclear warheads.

But no, they’re worried because  their neighbors are revolting against tyranny. They’re rising against  thugs and dictators, enabled by the US and Israel I might add,  that have been repressing their population for over three decades and presiding over one of the worst economic stagnation and social inequity in the world.

The Arabs, at long last, got fed up and decided to rise (and they’re not out of the woods yet.)

Israel is worried about that! Israel would like to have a monopoly on democracy in the region.

How many times have you seen their leaders on your tv and in major newspapers op-eds declaring: We’re the only democracy in the region….. We are defending the values of the West in the region….etc…

Israel couldn’t claim  that any longer, if these Arabs caught up with the history train and became democracies and elected their own representatives.

With the departure of its dictators’ friends who have brutalized their people, Israel would cease to be able to blackmail everybody on the planet — a deed easily achieved when having  backward, tribal, poor neighbors ruled by thugs as enemies.