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The “Guardian Council” of America’s eclections

August 17, 2011

Not everyone in Iran can run for president. The Guardian Council, an unelected body,  reserves the right to reject the candidacy of any one.

Fortunately, in America we don’t have such a body. Anyone can run for office.  We let people decide whom they want to be their president.

Or do we, now?

Ron Paul, a candidate with truly different (and relevant ) views is challenging the establishment orthodoxy of his own party.

Poll after poll show that his views on wars, imperialism, war on drug, surveillance state, and national security state are espoused by a truly significant portion (if not the majority) of the American public. 

He finished in a virtual tie with Bachman (less that one percentage point behind) in the straw poll in Iowa. He has raised more money than any other GOP candidate behind Romney.

But you wouldn’t know it looking at the headlines. He just mysteriously disappeared .  As far as the media is concerned!, he might as well have been raptured. It is like his name is Ron Houdini Paul! 

There is a “Guardian Council”  in the states just like there is one in Iran.

It is  called the council of the powerful factions and special interests.  It is the big players: the corporations, the media moguls, and the 400 billionaires. 

Only it is done smarter here. It is not as blatant and unsophisticated as the one in the ayatollah’s fiefdom. It is even far more pernicious. It is a feel good drug that gives us the illusion that we have the power to right the wrong and change the system.

But in truth, no views , however popular, that would challenge the status quo powers  and their self-interest are allowed.

Have you even heard of Gary Johnson? Exactly.

Long live  our all-encompassing, truly representative and participatory democracy!