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Where is our own outrage?…Really

January 9, 2010

We as a nation, and not some fringe lunatic sect among us, are violating our own laws and ideals, let alone international laws. We are committing crimes at home and abroad.   Why haven’t we heard the outrage of our religious authorities and  elites over our own atrocities?  We commit these gross violations as a matter of public policy and it didn’t cost any public official, to my knowledge,   her/his job.

What we hear instead is  “where is the outrage from the Muslim World over terrorism” no matter how many times their highest religious authorities, let alone intellectuals from all walks of life, condemn these heinous acts.

 The New York Times, the Washington Post, and NPR, are  supposedly a progressive  voice.  All of sudden, they have developed a severe case of  blurred vision.  They can’t even recognize torture when they see it.

Yeah…where is the outrage? Where is the outrage  from the religious authorities and the elites over torture?  over indefinite detention of innocent people?  over keeping innocent people jailed in subhuman conditions when we even admit their innocence? over the use of  drones to indiscriminately bomb the populations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and (now )Yemen, causing the death of innocent women and children on an almost daily basis (over 700 civilian deaths by drones since Obama took office)?  over  war crimes in  Gaza and elsewhere? etc…etc…

But wait, it gets better. The religious authorities in our country are  either the most stalwart supporters of these criminal and immoral violations or at best silent. Corporate media pundits such as   Thomas Friedman repeatedly ask for an outrage from the Muslim World when he supports the mass killings in Gaza and Lebanon as an educational tool. He   boasts “suck on this” as one reason we invaded a nation causing unspeakable carnage and misery.

Have our religious authorities lost their moral compass? Have our elites become desensitized to killings? Has God died in America? 

So yeah..really…where is the outrage?