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Obama:The Manchurian Candidate of Corporate America and the Right?

July 8, 2011

Obama is just about to accomplish what no Republican president has ever  been able to accomplish: Start the dismantling process of Social Security and Medicare programs; the crown jewel of Democrats.

What is going on here?

Other than the fact that by being  African-American he has to be  looking over his shoulders all the time,  he’s doing this for his own narrow self-interest.

You see,  the jobs reports continue to be dismal. And by all accounts they will continue to be that way long after 2012. So he figures he can’t win campaigning on that front. To appease independents,   he opts  to appropriate the “fiscally responsible card” from the right at the peril of sinking the economy even deeper.

One issue after another, from caving in on regulation of the financial industry, to health care public option, to the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, to the Patriot Act, to expanding  and starting new wars (at least one) , to entrenching  Bush-era Civil Liberty and executive power doctrines, to war on whistle blowers and transparency, etc… The list goes on and on.

And now he is proposing cuts in Social Security and Medicare! Even Republicans did not put Social Security cuts on the table.

A Manchurian candidate that actually got to  be president.