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The insurance agent who loves me!

February 27, 2011

The cool Gekko didn’t get me. All the commercials on tv didn’t get me. The anonymity of these companies’ agents did.

Here is how I switched from the cozy, local, hometown boy insurance agent to someone who probably is located 1000 miles away from my home.

The good old home boy  made sure to call me by my first name when I walked in. He introduced himself in person and his family in absentia. The family pictures were on his desk and on the walls. I had to keep staring at his disingenuous, perfunctory smile to avoid looking at them. And I had to keep talking in order to avoid listening to his overstated, fake midwestern accent. Disclosure: Fake makes me nauseated

I made  up an excuse to get out of the  suffocating and fake ambiance of his office.  “My stomach is churning and I feel sick”, I said. It was  truthful;  metaphorically so!

The first thing I did after I made it out, I called an out-of-state insurance company.  At least, I thought, I didn’t have to see the fake smile and  all the family pictures.