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The American Little League of Arabia

November 12, 2011

Remind me again, please. Is it the Arab League or the American League of Arabia?

The American puppet regimes in the Middle-East, heeding a call from Hillary Clinton, suspended Syria’s membership in the League. But that is not the punch line. They suspended it because of the brutal crackdown on the democracy movement in Syria!

Now that must be  the joke of the century. Think about this surreal farce. Here we have a collection of kings, sultans (not particularly enlightened and benevolent bunch), and your garden variety brutal dictators calling for democratic dialogue between the government and the opposition in Syria.

The blood of the innocent protesters in the  bastion of democracy,  Bahrain, has not dried out yet. It has been straight out of the stone ages what  “our democratic allies” in Bahrain have been doing to its own peaceful protesters. The Jeffersonian democracy advocate king in the home of the American fifth fleet, Bahrain,  sentenced even doctors who helped near-death peaceful  protesters to 20 years in prison.  They have killed women, children, and elderly like the true barbarians they are. 

Obama and his “Arab League of lackeys”  have not heard of that one.