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Ideologue David Brooks wags the dog

October 23, 2011

Does David Brooks know something we don’t about an impending war with Iran? Is he just suggesting one?

It certainly feels that way.

In his weekly analysis for PBS this Friday, David Brooks, the ideologue who argued vehemently for the urgent invasion of Iraq, laid out in sketchy prints the grounds for an attack on Iran ever so subtly. The fact that all of his arguments for the war in Iraq were discredited did not deter the self-proclaimed pure moralist in the least. Nor did it deter PBS, or the NYT for that matter, from continuously providing him with the pulpit to propagate lies necessary for his ideological agenda.

In his signature sneaky way, he suggested Iran is a rogue state that not only the neocons view as very dangerous, but also the whole Western world.

Now combine this with his claim, in that same PBS segment, of the relevancy of foreign policy in deciding presidential elections, a view he himself used not to believe in. Add to that his assertion that “somehow the middle east is going to come back in September or October next year”. Now consider the fact that Obama’s reelection prospects  are looking dimmer and dimmer, and a picture starts to emerge.

I hope I am wrong but it feels like a “wag-the-dog” scenario is being promoted here.



Moral Dave And Mr. Hyde

July 23, 2010

You know the country has a big problem when one of its influential moral guides is drunk on war wine.

 A N.Y. Times Op-Ed writer, David Brooks, has a piece  on morality today. For those of us who follow the N.Y. Times, we recognize a favorite theme here. Brooks, a shrewd and lucid writer whose mannerism is disarmingly innocent and honest, crusades as a moral guide of sort.

 Here is Davide’s  Mr. Hyde side.

In this piece , he is making a case for the senseless war in Afghanistan. Anyone who opposes the war is coward who wants to “surrender to the Taliban” he argues. In this list compiled by Glenn Greenwald, a true moralist  who doesn’t claim to be one either,  Brooks is cheering on the invasion of Iraq. In fact, Greenwald points out that Brooks was the second most influential pundit who pushed us into that war.

Now one can justify those wars, wrongly or rightly, on geopolitical or greed basis. But for a moralist who always pretends to assume the moral high ground to sell those wars is  farcical to say the list. Just look at the (conservative) estimate of the number of  innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan that have died over a lie he helped spread.

As he notes in his piece today, “Our minds respond more powerfully to the plight of an individual than the plight of a group”. How true! And what more in the way of a proof does anyone need than the misanthrope author himself.