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Social Media and Western Governments Hypocracy

August 27, 2011

Remember when we bashed Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the rest of “those” nations for going after the social media and restricting its access?

Remember when Hillary Clinton plead with Twitter to postpone their scheduled maintenance  service for a few more days so the Iranians demonstrators  can keep up the pressure against the government?

Well, this is from yesterday’s NYT :

In Britain, a Meeting on Limiting Social Media:

The government’s home minister, Theresa May, according to one account of the meeting, said that the aim was not to “discuss restricting Internet services,” but to instead “crack down on the networks being used for criminal behavior.” A spokeswoman for Ms. May said the government “would not be seeking any additional powers.”

Yeah..yeah… I believe you!

Meanwhile… back  home:

“…The [corporation] Bay Area Rapid Transit’s  decided to temporarily turn off cell phone reception in four San Francisco stations, which was in anticipation of another protest, which was in turn a response to a recent police shooting in a San Francisco BART station….”

Replace Britain in the headlines with Iran, and Bay Area Rapid Transit with Ahmadi Najad and you’d have a level 6 condemnation hurricane from all over the civilised, freedom promoting Western governments AND its subservient media.

It is barbarism and tyranny only when “they” do it. It is defending law and order, of course, when “we” do it!

Orwell matters now more than ever.