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The art of robbing the middle class: Gravity defying economics

February 23, 2011

You’ve got to love this. Just skim over the daily headlines nowadays.

If you slash  the funding for schools, teachers,  health care, heating oil for the elderly, or other social programs for the needy, if you slash half that budget, you’re a leader making tough decisions, trying to cut the deficit.

If you lavish AIG, Goldman Sachs, and City Bank and other Wall Street bandits who actually caused the deficit to multiply, with over $700 billion to make them whole again so they can go on gambling  everyone else’s money away, the deficit is of no concern to our elites.

If you give tax break for the super rich and ask every middle class American for more sacrifices, you’re being reasonable in making compromises.

If you go to war over a lie and spend more than $3 billion a month (this is larger than the deficit in a lot of  cash strapped states, by the way), deficit is of no concern to anyone, and you’re a leader being tough on terrorists.

The worst part about all this is the American people, snowed by our media hired guns  and glued to their tv sets and Facebook and other social networks, buy into this argument. They bailed out the bankers and for that they’re being punished with deeper cuts in their benefits while the bonuses of the “bailees” keep piling up higher and higher.

You don’t hear people’s outrage. You don’t see them marching on to wall street and capitol hill fighting for their rights.

I say we deserve what has already come and what is coming  to us.