The “Kill List” and a nation’s soul

June 8, 2012

Our latest product is a “Kill List”.

Unless  you have been aboard Venus transiting across the sun  the past  week, you probably have heard of  the “kill list”. This is a list of people  our Nobel Peace Prize winner president approves to be killed weekly via drones. He is the jury, the judge, and the executioner.

After bombing a certain target, the president does not stop there. Rather he authorizes the bombings of the rescuers whom ever they happened to be. He even authorizes the bombings of funerals!

Unless these drones are firing M & M’s, a significant number of civilians must have been killed. Independent sources  have borne this obvious conclusion out.

However, since he cares about innocent people being killed, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and self-proclaimed devoted Christian  has come up with an ingenious way to prevent killing civilians. He redefines what a civilian means: Any male of combatant age near a strike zone; never mind rescuers or funerals!

The news outlets have been overwhelmingly praising Obama’s effort since a New York times article exposed it last week.

I am not offering here a political critique of the drones attacks on civilians. I am just wondering whether we have our eyes open wide enough to look within. Are we any better than those we are killing in this manner? Bin Laden and his network of terror did not graduate from Al-Azhar, Al-Najaf, or Qom, the elite Islamic theological  schools. He graduated from Madrasas in caves and remote camps. He and his organization are not main stream. Far from it, they are theological pariahs.

By contrast, our Nobel Peace Prize  winner president, went to Harvard; Bush went to Yale (and they’re both devoted Christians!). Our elites that have been waging this war are the products of our elite institutions, secular and otherwise. And we, the people, have been complicit and silent at best, if not flat-out cheering them on.

What does approving of killing civilian rescuers and bombing funerals  say about our own values and principles? Our soul and identity? Our  faith? Our culture and set of beliefs?

If you are one of those individuals who nurtures a conscience,  I wish you luck wrestling with your morality before you cast a vote this coming november.

Our conscience really  needs to be shaken to the core.


“Hatched” in the dark

April 28, 2012

“Agriculture as we know it is in danger from outside influences and outside fears”

                                                                                             Missouri State Senator

What is the honorable senator fear mongering about? He’s advocating, on behalf of the poultry industry, that : What goes on inside chicken farms, stays inside chicken farms.

You see, some whistleblowers have been videotaping  the cruel and inhumane conditions under which animals are living and the unsafe practices in these farms that lead up to your steak dinner and your scrambled eggs!

The chickens were “not hatching in the dark” anymore,  the industry got furious. And so they put their paid representatives (a.k.a congressmen, senators, governors, etc… ) to work. Fear mongering and petulant lying ensued.

So a bill got hatched in the dark!  Dubbed  the  “ag gag”, a bill  was drafted by the poultry industry and signed at the dotted line by the Houses in  Missouri and Iowa. Most states will probably follow suit.

The bill promises severe punishment for anybody who tapes what is going on inside these  farms.

The regular outbreaks of Seminole, e-coli, and other food born illnesses are of no concern to the greedy industry and its  oily, politicians lackeys.

Before devouring that juicy steak though, which is probably laced with not-so-healthy toxins, or feed your kid that pink-slimed hotdog, mull mover this question: Why does the industry want to operate in the dark?


Chicken soup for depression!

April 5, 2012

Ever wonder why eating chicken is “laced” with so much magic?

Chicken soup for the soul, chicken soup for the mind, and chicken soup for just about anything.

Eating chicken breast is credited for reducing stress, as well.

Of course,  the “promoters” cite the rich vitamins and amino acid nutrients in chicken. Sometimes they even claim that eating chicken just works! And your grandma was right after all.

Sorry, but let me rain on your parade. A team of scientists from Johns Hopkins University and Arizona State University  listed, after testing the content of the chicken you eat, some  “calming”  ingredients:

Benadryl, Tylenol, arsenic, antibiotics, and yes,  the active ingredients in Prozac!

So yes, by all means! Fill out your bottle with  chicken nuggets and munch on some when you’re stressed, got a headache, or got the blues.


The FDA for dummies

April 3, 2012

The FDA on BPA:

“The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that it was denying a petition to ban BPA from all food and drink containers, saying the science does not show an immediate cause for such action.”

Good! So BPA is safe then. Well not so fast:

“However, the federal agency cautioned that this ruling does not declare bisphenol A, or BPA, as safe.”

So in essence the FDA is saying: We are not going to ban BPA from the market place because we don’t know whether it is safe or not!

Hmmm, and why can’t they agree with most independent scientists on the subject, you may wonder?

” three-year investigation by the Journal Sentinel found that government regulators gave preferential treatment to scientists paid by the chemical industry.”

Aha, a  eureka moment!

One thing they can ban though. Next time the FDA meets, it should ban the sentence “…responsible for protecting the public health…” from its mission statement.



What the Indy 500 and American Journalism have in common

March 20, 2012

What do Danica Patrick and Kevin Drum have in common?

When Danica Patrick said “I leave it up to the government to make good decisions”, I thought, well, she is just an auto  racing driver. Focusing on making a “quick buck”, literally, she probably had not given much thought to George Orwell’s writings on government, assuming she ever heard of the man.

But when Kevin Drums, a  so-called “independent  journalist”- a oxymoron in the lexicon of American press, at Mother Jones writes what, in essence, amounts to the same thing, absolving Obama of a crime against an imprisoned Yemeni journalist, just because he is “our president“, then one has to wonder whether  the pit of American journalism is  bottomless:

But which do I find more likely? That Shaye is indeed affiliated with al-Qaeda based on evidence that hasn’t been made public? Or that Barack Obama is a sociopath who pressures foreign leaders to keep innocent journalists in prison based on the fact that they very slightly annoy him? Call me what you will, but I have to go with Door A. U.S. attacks within Yemen might be bad policy. The entire war on al-Qaeda might be bad policy. What’s more, Obama — along with the entire security apparatus of the United States — might be specifically wrong about Shaye. But I don’t believe that they’re simply making this story up because of a basically inconsequential piece that Shaye wrote two years ago. That just doesn’t add up.”

(Note how Mr. Drum, the “independent” journalist, not only did he not say his investigations prompted him to choose “Door A” , but also he seemed to conveniently ignore the many “other”  wars Obama is waging against whistleblowers and real journalism. It is not just about this  “inconsequential piece“, Kevin. This is only one piece of the puzzle).

Orwell must be rolling in his grave.  What is the job of a journalist if not that of a watchdog to hold government leaders accountable, investigate their actions and their statements, and publicize issues that need attention, among other things?


We’re committed to justice

March 15, 2012

I love it how puritan we think we are. This is from the NYT editorial on Tuesday, 3.13.12

“According to American and Afghan officials, [the] soldier shot the civilians execution-style, including nine children, after methodically breaking into three separate houses in a district of Kandahar Province. After killing the civilians, he set some of their bodies on fire.”

The editorial recommends:

“The Pentagon investigation of a soldier’s bloody rampage in Afghanistan must be swift and thorough so that Afghans can see that America is committed to justice.”

America is committed to justice indeed.  This is the kind of justice the New York Times is talking about:

“A US marine accused over the killing of 24 Iraqi civilians in the city of Haditha was demoted to the rank of private but will serve no time behind bars, a military spokesman has said”.

Or perhaps this kind of justice:

War crimes good, exposing them bad               
While military and political leaders accused of war crimes sleep soundly, one alleged whistleblower languishes in jail.”

For all the horrible crimes  we committed over the course of these never-ending wars we’re waging and  are still committing (the ones we know about, that is), no one has received more than slap on the wrist, if anything at all.

Even here at home,  bankers and investors who swindled ordinary folks out of their homes, retirement accounts, and brought the world economy down to its knees; none of those knaves have been even charge of any crime let alone convicted of one. If anything, their pay check just got fatter.

It is not surprising that establishment media outlets brag about how great our justice system is, when they know better. The fact that they get away with such blatant lies is.


We love them to death!

March 11, 2012

Civilians get killed. Life happens!  But it looks like before you start protesting, you’ve got to ask yourself: Who did the killing? Is it  Us or ThemThat makes all the difference.

We in the West care about civilians, no doubt! Did you see how animated and worked up Senator McCain was a couple of days ago during a senate hearing grilling  the secretary of defense Leon Panetta? “When are we going to start bombing” (alright I am rephrasing; but that is the gist of it). Feigning concern: “They’re killing civilians”. Oh, No! That is the same senator calling to bomb Iran now and who called for Iraq bombing a few years ago.

Yes! we love civilians.

In fact, we love them so much that the UN,  NATO, US Congress and media  justify the  bombing in Iraq,  Libya, and soon perhaps Syria and Iran, mostly by saying: They’re killing their own civilians.

commendable indeed!

Only there is one minor problem. We, ourselves,  have been killing civilians  over there consistently, like clockwork,   for the past 10 years. Here is a link to an example. There are  hundred others if you care to check.

“Lawmaker: Marines killed Iraqis ‘in cold blood’ ” 

Continuing this tradition, here is an item today:

US soldier ‘kills 15 Afghan civilians’

And that is not to mention the drone killings on an almost daily basis.

Is it really the civilians being killed whom the UN, NATO, congress and the subservient US media are concerned about or who is doing the killing? I haven’t heard a call to bomb NATO, the UN, or Congress, for that matter!


Tracking Image

Stressed hunters!

March 5, 2012

Another day, another act from the theater of the absurd, a.k.a the U.S. media.

Drones operators are feeling stressed, our media reports!

The brave operators of the drones, killers in the skies, while sitting in the comfort of their chairs in Nevada or Colorado, are showing high stress levels.

Not so the civilians who are being killed on screens, even children, half-way around the world, in front of these operators, by these operators. These civilians are stress-free now. In fact, they’re comfortably dead.  Even the mourners and the rescuers of the drones victims are not spared!

I can’t begin to imagine the terror under which the residents on the receiving end are living. Can you imagine what it feels like to be under the threat of a borg-like killer watching your every move  from the sky, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days (and a quarter!) a year? 

That there are actually living, breathing human beings behind the screens of “our brave drones operators” is irrelevant.

I guess looking at the other side of the story is not a job at which our “free and independent”  media is good. Propagandizing and  stenography for the Pentagon? Now that  is a job it excels at.


The clash of the billionaires

February 23, 2012

A handful of billionaires are keeping major presidential candidates alive in the arena. And in the case of Newt Gingrich, one billionaire and his wife alone are doing the job.

This clash of the Titans is not to save  Argos or princess Andromeda. Simply put, it is a bazaar to wash your brain with money and  buy your votes and use it against your own interest.

Mitt Romney, for example, spent $15 million to soak the networks with relentless attacks on Newt to stop his momentum after winning South Carolina (a feat accomplished with the aid of another Titan) and  beat him in Florida!

Under these current conditions of limitless money contributions, participatory democracy is really a joke. Election is becoming like a ritual that allows us to  cheer on our “savior” and feel good every four years;  just like the World Cup does!

Real change, however, comes from the pockets of the billionaires. Their billions  can write bills and influence policy any time; election year or not.

Do  you seriously believe whoever ultimately wins the election is representing you? Or he is representing these billionaires behind his win? Does your interest and the interest of these billionaires have anything in common?

Yep! The corporate state is in.


For whom the NASDAQ tolls?

February 1, 2012

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry at the fact that Fox News is celebrating 10 years as the top-rated cable news.

“We are extremely proud of the phenomenal achievement created by the hard work and talent of the FOX News Channel employees and recognize how difficult it is for a cable network to sustain this level of dominance for a decade,” said FOX News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes. “America has clearly embraced fair and balanced news.”

Talent indeed! Talent in fabricating fact-free anecdotal news: like this , or this, or this, or this; I could go on all day!

Talent in bringing to you entertaining demagogues like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, etc… masquerading as newsmen and political and cultural commentators. And don’t forget the biggest one of them all, the owner of Fox, Rupert Murdoch, who came up with the “fact” that if we invaded Iraq, oil prices will drop to $30.00 a barrel. Rupert Murdoch no less who was subpoenaed to testify before the British house of common and got some of his high-ranking staff convicted of illegally hacking into people’s cell phones and personal records.

We have indeed sunk to where the statement  “America has clearly embraced fair and balanced news” is true.  This is very unsettling. It should put fear in everyone’s heart over the future of this country. We should all be mourning and lamenting reason and critical thinking  instead of cheering and ringing the NASDAQ bell celebrating idiocy.