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Again and again, for the first time…

February 23, 2013

When you’re here, I wish you never leave

When you’re away,

My calendar feels cruel and cold

Til we meet again,

For the first time

We kiss  again,

For the first time,

We melt in a hug,

The road unfolds

The  yellow leaves fall,

Then, life starts again!

The privilege of falling in love

December 4, 2011

Love is out of this world– literally.  Its logic is often fuzzy;  with love  you always win even when you lose. For love is not a means to an end.

Its transformative power is amazing. You’d know you’re  truly in love, if you’re a better person when it resides within you. Otherwise, it is an obssession, an infatuation, a conquest,  a selfish need.

It can rip through the thick cocoon of the tyranny of the “I”  allowing us to appreciate the  “others” . For no matter how unselfish one may think he is, he’s nowhere near that territory until the love of someone else occupies his heart.

You’d listen better,  your eye becomes keener, and time is so precious.

You achieve a deeper connection to the world out there. The beauty around you is suddenly more obvious.

So if you’ve been truly in love once, consider yourself a member of a privileged club.


Just how I feel

November 21, 2011

I know I am in love, not if I miss you when I am lonely. But if I miss you when I am not.

When I taste my favorite food and wish we’re having it together. When my garden blooms  and the basil smells like summer, when the mornings  promise a good day, when my hard work pays off, when serenity washes over my heart, when I cry of joy.

Not when I need you but when every moment seems to need us both; even a smiling  morning  or a gorgeous bloody sunset looks better with us holding hands.

When I am at my very best moments and I am missing you, this is when I know  I am in love with you.