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Jazz, Pakistani Style

December 29, 2013

I happened upon this haunting rendition of Dave Brubeck’s
classic “Take Five”. He Called it “the most original” he’d ever heard.

Prophet and commercials

March 9, 2013

(To Rodriguez: As if his songs were written today)

He’s pained and starved

But his eyes were clear

His heart whispered in the crowd’s ear

Words of beauty, words of truth

Not from the scriptures

But from every table and every street.

The truth was sweet, a pretty sight

… But just for the night.

The morning after

They woke up in fear

They looked in the mirror

His words weighed heavy

The make up disappeared

They felt nauseous

They downed more pills

The tv flicked on:

“The DOW was up

Jenny got pregnant

Snooki lost weight”

His words were drowned

Safely fizzled away

Commercials won

Yet another day


Beethoven’s Romance No. 2, a cello, and two blonds

October 9, 2011

She hugged her cello passionately may be like a lover, may be like a mother, as if it was her first, or may be her last hug.

She swooned.  Her head waved ever so slightly, as Beethoven’s divine revelations lifted her soul to magical zones few of her audience ever visited.

She shut her eyes tightly to see farther (deep blue eyes shaded with layers of heavenly melodies revealed by Gods with troubled souls) as she  felt the sign of the conductor. Her silky strings of gold, cascading down her right shoulder, sparkled as her impish fingers gracefully caressed her cello’s strings.

The blond in front of my seat started  curling a wisp of her shoulder-length hair with her index finger.  And…… Beethoven’s Romance No. 2 had never been more magical; I’d never been so close to God that I  actually felt him in my tears.

At Saint Joseph symphony’s opening night,   Gods murmured, muses whispered,  and it was a divine pleasure for the senses.  Corners in my soul I never knew existed had awakened. The blonds and the cello were etched in the leaves of my heart.

As I walked out of the theater, I wondered: Could people in this country, in their drive for ill-targeted budget cuts, zeal to fund wars and other imperial enterprises, and the capitulation to the lizard part of their brains, let one of our race’s finest and most humanistic legacies die?

The blonds and the cello fill me with hope that the answer is pleasantly magical!