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We’re committed to justice

March 15, 2012

I love it how puritan we think we are. This is from the NYT editorial on Tuesday, 3.13.12

“According to American and Afghan officials, [the] soldier shot the civilians execution-style, including nine children, after methodically breaking into three separate houses in a district of Kandahar Province. After killing the civilians, he set some of their bodies on fire.”

The editorial recommends:

“The Pentagon investigation of a soldier’s bloody rampage in Afghanistan must be swift and thorough so that Afghans can see that America is committed to justice.”

America is committed to justice indeed.  This is the kind of justice the New York Times is talking about:

“A US marine accused over the killing of 24 Iraqi civilians in the city of Haditha was demoted to the rank of private but will serve no time behind bars, a military spokesman has said”.

Or perhaps this kind of justice:

War crimes good, exposing them bad               
While military and political leaders accused of war crimes sleep soundly, one alleged whistleblower languishes in jail.”

For all the horrible crimes  we committed over the course of these never-ending wars we’re waging and  are still committing (the ones we know about, that is), no one has received more than slap on the wrist, if anything at all.

Even here at home,  bankers and investors who swindled ordinary folks out of their homes, retirement accounts, and brought the world economy down to its knees; none of those knaves have been even charge of any crime let alone convicted of one. If anything, their pay check just got fatter.

It is not surprising that establishment media outlets brag about how great our justice system is, when they know better. The fact that they get away with such blatant lies is.


We love them to death!

March 11, 2012

Civilians get killed. Life happens!  But it looks like before you start protesting, you’ve got to ask yourself: Who did the killing? Is it  Us or ThemThat makes all the difference.

We in the West care about civilians, no doubt! Did you see how animated and worked up Senator McCain was a couple of days ago during a senate hearing grilling  the secretary of defense Leon Panetta? “When are we going to start bombing” (alright I am rephrasing; but that is the gist of it). Feigning concern: “They’re killing civilians”. Oh, No! That is the same senator calling to bomb Iran now and who called for Iraq bombing a few years ago.

Yes! we love civilians.

In fact, we love them so much that the UN,  NATO, US Congress and media  justify the  bombing in Iraq,  Libya, and soon perhaps Syria and Iran, mostly by saying: They’re killing their own civilians.

commendable indeed!

Only there is one minor problem. We, ourselves,  have been killing civilians  over there consistently, like clockwork,   for the past 10 years. Here is a link to an example. There are  hundred others if you care to check.

“Lawmaker: Marines killed Iraqis ‘in cold blood’ ” 

Continuing this tradition, here is an item today:

US soldier ‘kills 15 Afghan civilians’

And that is not to mention the drone killings on an almost daily basis.

Is it really the civilians being killed whom the UN, NATO, congress and the subservient US media are concerned about or who is doing the killing? I haven’t heard a call to bomb NATO, the UN, or Congress, for that matter!


Tracking Image

Stressed hunters!

March 5, 2012

Another day, another act from the theater of the absurd, a.k.a the U.S. media.

Drones operators are feeling stressed, our media reports!

The brave operators of the drones, killers in the skies, while sitting in the comfort of their chairs in Nevada or Colorado, are showing high stress levels.

Not so the civilians who are being killed on screens, even children, half-way around the world, in front of these operators, by these operators. These civilians are stress-free now. In fact, they’re comfortably dead.  Even the mourners and the rescuers of the drones victims are not spared!

I can’t begin to imagine the terror under which the residents on the receiving end are living. Can you imagine what it feels like to be under the threat of a borg-like killer watching your every move  from the sky, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 364 days (and a quarter!) a year? 

That there are actually living, breathing human beings behind the screens of “our brave drones operators” is irrelevant.

I guess looking at the other side of the story is not a job at which our “free and independent”  media is good. Propagandizing and  stenography for the Pentagon? Now that  is a job it excels at.


The American Little League of Arabia

November 12, 2011

Remind me again, please. Is it the Arab League or the American League of Arabia?

The American puppet regimes in the Middle-East, heeding a call from Hillary Clinton, suspended Syria’s membership in the League. But that is not the punch line. They suspended it because of the brutal crackdown on the democracy movement in Syria!

Now that must be  the joke of the century. Think about this surreal farce. Here we have a collection of kings, sultans (not particularly enlightened and benevolent bunch), and your garden variety brutal dictators calling for democratic dialogue between the government and the opposition in Syria.

The blood of the innocent protesters in the  bastion of democracy,  Bahrain, has not dried out yet. It has been straight out of the stone ages what  “our democratic allies” in Bahrain have been doing to its own peaceful protesters. The Jeffersonian democracy advocate king in the home of the American fifth fleet, Bahrain,  sentenced even doctors who helped near-death peaceful  protesters to 20 years in prison.  They have killed women, children, and elderly like the true barbarians they are. 

Obama and his “Arab League of lackeys”  have not heard of that one.


Ideologue David Brooks wags the dog

October 23, 2011

Does David Brooks know something we don’t about an impending war with Iran? Is he just suggesting one?

It certainly feels that way.

In his weekly analysis for PBS this Friday, David Brooks, the ideologue who argued vehemently for the urgent invasion of Iraq, laid out in sketchy prints the grounds for an attack on Iran ever so subtly. The fact that all of his arguments for the war in Iraq were discredited did not deter the self-proclaimed pure moralist in the least. Nor did it deter PBS, or the NYT for that matter, from continuously providing him with the pulpit to propagate lies necessary for his ideological agenda.

In his signature sneaky way, he suggested Iran is a rogue state that not only the neocons view as very dangerous, but also the whole Western world.

Now combine this with his claim, in that same PBS segment, of the relevancy of foreign policy in deciding presidential elections, a view he himself used not to believe in. Add to that his assertion that “somehow the middle east is going to come back in September or October next year”. Now consider the fact that Obama’s reelection prospects  are looking dimmer and dimmer, and a picture starts to emerge.

I hope I am wrong but it feels like a “wag-the-dog” scenario is being promoted here.



To operate outside the law, befriend the sheriff

July 16, 2011

This is but another example why overseas dictators and corrupt governments are very useful to us. In fact, they’re the only friends to our liking. Simply put, operate outside the law  and you can’t befriend an honest sheriff.

Based on the standards we have established for ourselves, we can not, I repeat, we can not, support true democratic changes anywhere in the world, unless they’re subservient to our demands, no matter how selfish and arrogant they may be.

What is worse, everyone in the Middle East knows this. By contrast,  thanks to our main stream media that ignores these kind of stories completely when they can help it, we’re left scratching our heads as to why those crazy people over there “hate us” so much.


Hezbollah pulls a Texas

July 12, 2011

The NYT editorial page today:

“An international tribunal has called on Lebanon’s government to arrest four suspects indicted in the 2005 car-bomb killing of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and 21 others. All four of the accused are members of Hezbollah…”. Hezbollah refused to the court’s decision.

“… [We are] not bound by a foreign court’s ruling.”

Guess what! The latter quote though was not from Hezbollah. It was from Texas Governor’s Press Secretary commenting on The International Court of Justice a few years back:

“The International Court of Justice ruled that 51 Mexican-born inmates nationwide, including Leal, were entitled to new hearings in American courts to determine if their consular rights were violated. ”

“No matter what Hezbollah says, the men accused of Rafik Hariri’s murder must be arrested….”, declared the editorial page of the NYT (which didn’t say anything about the Texas decision which was upheld by our supreme court last week.)

But why? Hezbollah has just pulled a Texas. 


And justice for all….but here in the US

July 2, 2011

The United Nations Tribunal looking into the case of the assassinated Lebanese prime minister Rafiq  Hariri indicted  a high-ranking official from Hezbollah today

The UN tribunal, incidentally,  has been put in place as a blackmailing chip by the United States through its allies in the form of a former American puppet Lebanese government.

As anyone who is monitoring the situation in this tiny but strategically relevant country knows, this is going to push it into the abyss of a civil strife.

But our esteemed secretary of states, Hillary Clinton, begs to differ:

” …[C]ritics were creating a false distinction between justice and stability…”

You may side with Clinton’s assessment or with the true experts on Lebanese politics. My issue here is justice. And who better than Clinton and her boss, Obama, understand the delicate issue of justice.

Obama and Clinton have been steadfastly shielding  Wall Street criminals, that nearly brought (and could very well still bring) the world economy to its knees, from criminal prosecution.

They have also prevented accountability and prosecution for what was even admitted by one of our generals,  Maj. Gen. Antonio Taguba, who oversaw the official investigation into detainee abuse: 

 “there is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes. The only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account.”

Well, we  know now that Obama and Clinton put that question to rest forever.

Under the banner of “we should look forward not backward”, they’re shielding criminals from receiving punishment for  devastating criminal activities at a historical scale.

But in a fragile country like Lebanon, we have to look backward not forward. Even if the very stability of the country is at stake.

Justice for all indeed!