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The rule of law, a “foreign” concept

September 29, 2012

I mean, if you want to worry about the rule of law, look out your window. Why do you have to go all the way down to China?

Today, under “In China, no rule of law”  the editorial board of the Washington Post is lamenting the rule of law …… in China, that is!

I mean we went to war over a lie in Iraq. We illegally spied on our own  citizens, we introduced indefinite detention, tortured people and invented a euphemism for it “enhanced interrogation technique”. Remember  Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Bagram etc…  and other “naked” transgressions?  How many were prosecuted, let alone convicted of a crime? A grand total of zero.

The banking shenanigans and Wall street theft that led to the near collapse of the world economy are still going on under one guise or another. How many  of those knaves that consciencely caused all of that were brought to trial? Zero.

Our constitution has been shred to pieces. But Obama famously declared (in a stark reversal of a campaign promise) “we should look forward not backward” to justify not prosecuting the Bush-era war crimes.

And on and on and on, and the Washington Post did not a raise a hoot about the rule of law. In fact, in the case of the ongoing wars, they cheered them on.

In China, at least they fired Bo Xilai and they are bringing charges against him and his wife.  Heck even Iran sent the daughter of ex-president and strong man “Rafsanjani” to prison on corruption charges last week.

To the Wash Po, the rule of law is, literally,  a  “foreign concept”.

The notion that our main stream media  takes the rule of the law seriously is ….. well,  a joke.


What the Indy 500 and American Journalism have in common

March 20, 2012

What do Danica Patrick and Kevin Drum have in common?

When Danica Patrick said “I leave it up to the government to make good decisions”, I thought, well, she is just an auto  racing driver. Focusing on making a “quick buck”, literally, she probably had not given much thought to George Orwell’s writings on government, assuming she ever heard of the man.

But when Kevin Drums, a  so-called “independent  journalist”- a oxymoron in the lexicon of American press, at Mother Jones writes what, in essence, amounts to the same thing, absolving Obama of a crime against an imprisoned Yemeni journalist, just because he is “our president“, then one has to wonder whether  the pit of American journalism is  bottomless:

But which do I find more likely? That Shaye is indeed affiliated with al-Qaeda based on evidence that hasn’t been made public? Or that Barack Obama is a sociopath who pressures foreign leaders to keep innocent journalists in prison based on the fact that they very slightly annoy him? Call me what you will, but I have to go with Door A. U.S. attacks within Yemen might be bad policy. The entire war on al-Qaeda might be bad policy. What’s more, Obama — along with the entire security apparatus of the United States — might be specifically wrong about Shaye. But I don’t believe that they’re simply making this story up because of a basically inconsequential piece that Shaye wrote two years ago. That just doesn’t add up.”

(Note how Mr. Drum, the “independent” journalist, not only did he not say his investigations prompted him to choose “Door A” , but also he seemed to conveniently ignore the many “other”  wars Obama is waging against whistleblowers and real journalism. It is not just about this  “inconsequential piece“, Kevin. This is only one piece of the puzzle).

Orwell must be rolling in his grave.  What is the job of a journalist if not that of a watchdog to hold government leaders accountable, investigate their actions and their statements, and publicize issues that need attention, among other things?