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“Hatched” in the dark

April 28, 2012

“Agriculture as we know it is in danger from outside influences and outside fears”

                                                                                             Missouri State Senator

What is the honorable senator fear mongering about? He’s advocating, on behalf of the poultry industry, that : What goes on inside chicken farms, stays inside chicken farms.

You see, some whistleblowers have been videotaping  the cruel and inhumane conditions under which animals are living and the unsafe practices in these farms that lead up to your steak dinner and your scrambled eggs!

The chickens were “not hatching in the dark” anymore,  the industry got furious. And so they put their paid representatives (a.k.a congressmen, senators, governors, etc… ) to work. Fear mongering and petulant lying ensued.

So a bill got hatched in the dark!  Dubbed  the  “ag gag”, a bill  was drafted by the poultry industry and signed at the dotted line by the Houses in  Missouri and Iowa. Most states will probably follow suit.

The bill promises severe punishment for anybody who tapes what is going on inside these  farms.

The regular outbreaks of Seminole, e-coli, and other food born illnesses are of no concern to the greedy industry and its  oily, politicians lackeys.

Before devouring that juicy steak though, which is probably laced with not-so-healthy toxins, or feed your kid that pink-slimed hotdog, mull mover this question: Why does the industry want to operate in the dark?