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Till the Euro do us part

November 20, 2011

How plentiful brothers are when you count them

But they are, in time of crisis, very few

                                                    Alsamaw’al, 6th century Arabic poet

When you’re rich and powerful, everyone wants to be your friend. Not so in a time of crisis.  That is exactly what is happening now across the pond in the Euro zone.

Many nations enjoyed being in the euro zone in fair winds. I remember traveling across Europe a few years back. Excitement was in the air. For many nations, getting into the Euro zone was like a ticket to paradise. It was like selling indulgences all over again in Europe; only on behalf of a different God this time around!

 Now that the ominous storm is gathering strength, those nations are scrambling to find a way out. They discovered nationalism all over again. Home sweet home indeed! 

And by the way, Turkey must be  having a (well deserved) Schadenfreude moment.  Its economy is booming and they look in a pretty good shape on many fronts. The European bigots (elites and otherwise) that  denied Turkey a membership in the Euro zone because of its muslim heritage did Turkey a favor, after all.  Bigotry pays, doesn’t it!