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“Hatched” in the dark

April 28, 2012

“Agriculture as we know it is in danger from outside influences and outside fears”

                                                                                             Missouri State Senator

What is the honorable senator fear mongering about? He’s advocating, on behalf of the poultry industry, that : What goes on inside chicken farms, stays inside chicken farms.

You see, some whistleblowers have been videotaping  the cruel and inhumane conditions under which animals are living and the unsafe practices in these farms that lead up to your steak dinner and your scrambled eggs!

The chickens were “not hatching in the dark” anymore,  the industry got furious. And so they put their paid representatives (a.k.a congressmen, senators, governors, etc… ) to work. Fear mongering and petulant lying ensued.

So a bill got hatched in the dark!  Dubbed  the  “ag gag”, a bill  was drafted by the poultry industry and signed at the dotted line by the Houses in  Missouri and Iowa. Most states will probably follow suit.

The bill promises severe punishment for anybody who tapes what is going on inside these  farms.

The regular outbreaks of Seminole, e-coli, and other food born illnesses are of no concern to the greedy industry and its  oily, politicians lackeys.

Before devouring that juicy steak though, which is probably laced with not-so-healthy toxins, or feed your kid that pink-slimed hotdog, mull mover this question: Why does the industry want to operate in the dark?


The clash of the billionaires

February 23, 2012

A handful of billionaires are keeping major presidential candidates alive in the arena. And in the case of Newt Gingrich, one billionaire and his wife alone are doing the job.

This clash of the Titans is not to save  Argos or princess Andromeda. Simply put, it is a bazaar to wash your brain with money and  buy your votes and use it against your own interest.

Mitt Romney, for example, spent $15 million to soak the networks with relentless attacks on Newt to stop his momentum after winning South Carolina (a feat accomplished with the aid of another Titan) and  beat him in Florida!

Under these current conditions of limitless money contributions, participatory democracy is really a joke. Election is becoming like a ritual that allows us to  cheer on our “savior” and feel good every four years;  just like the World Cup does!

Real change, however, comes from the pockets of the billionaires. Their billions  can write bills and influence policy any time; election year or not.

Do  you seriously believe whoever ultimately wins the election is representing you? Or he is representing these billionaires behind his win? Does your interest and the interest of these billionaires have anything in common?

Yep! The corporate state is in.


All the ignorance money can buy

December 18, 2011

TLC has been airing a series  “All American Muslims”, a reality show that follows the daily lives of muslim families in Dearborn, Michigan and gives a glimpse into  a minority group not many of us know much about– except how it’s defined by O’Reilly, Glen Beck, and their ilk, that is.

This was too much for the sensibility of the all loving God of  “Florida Family Association”, an evangelical group that complained the show is portraying Muslims too positively! God forbids Americans wake up one day and find out that Muslims are people like the rest of us after all. So they urged sponsors to boycott the show.

Sure enough, Lowe’s announced that it is pulling its ads. Another advertiser, Pernod Ricard,  has followed suit. I am sure many will follow and  bow to bigotry.  Suddenly, an informative and timely show is in danger.

Incidentally, it is hard not to notice that the denouncement of muslims as a monstrous species in our midst often helps politicians’ poll numbers, propel trash books to bestsellers lists, and promote opportunists’ careers and turn them into instant stars– Herman Cain, Bachman, Palin, and Newt come to mind. Just play this mind game. Replace  the word Muslim with Christian, Jewish, Black, Hispanic, or any minority group in America in any sentence these presidential candidates spew about Muslims.  Now just imagine the ensuing uproar, if you can. Exactly!

My main point here is not defending Muslims in particular. It is more general than that.

How much power do corporate sponsors and billionaires have in shaping your mind and coloring the world around you? A lot more than what you think. The TLC incident is but one more clear evidence.

Can we really learn anything “Big Money” doesn’t want us to know? And more poignantly, is anything we know about “Them”  and even “Us” really true? The answer is really scary.

If they can force this kind of programs off the air, what else are they not telling us?

It is healthy to keep that question  in mind.


Where no one has drilled before

August 6, 2011

I knew I was reading the news on my must-read list of blogs. So why did I have the eerie feeling that I was reading an act out of    Eugene Ionesco’s theatre of the absurd?

First this from Reuter:

“A U.N. report has criticized Shell and the Nigerian government for contributing to 50 years of pollution in a region of the Niger Delta which it says needs the world’s largest ever oil clean-up, costing an initial $1 billion and taking up to 30 years.”

And then this report from the L. A Times 

Shell Exploration was conditionally cleared Thursday to proceed with the most ambitious oil and gas drilling program ever attempted in the U.S. Arctic...”

 Anyone still likes to play connect the dots?