Chicken soup for depression!

Ever wonder why eating chicken is “laced” with so much magic?

Chicken soup for the soul, chicken soup for the mind, and chicken soup for just about anything.

Eating chicken breast is credited for reducing stress, as well.

Of course,  the “promoters” cite the rich vitamins and amino acid nutrients in chicken. Sometimes they even claim that eating chicken just works! And your grandma was right after all.

Sorry, but let me rain on your parade. A team of scientists from Johns Hopkins University and Arizona State University  listed, after testing the content of the chicken you eat, some  “calming”  ingredients:

Benadryl, Tylenol, arsenic, antibiotics, and yes,  the active ingredients in Prozac!

So yes, by all means! Fill out your bottle with  chicken nuggets and munch on some when you’re stressed, got a headache, or got the blues.


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