The alternate universe we created

Whose story gets to be told and whose story gets forgotten?

Was Troy Davis a murderer as the state of Virginia claims? Or did Virginia execute an innocent man?

Is the history we’re writing and the history we have learned truth or fiction?

Today, our government claimed we killed many insurgents in Afghanistan– a story we’ve been told on a regular basis this past decade. There is another version of this story that is all but forgotten.  Afghani citizens said seven children were killed by the drone attack today. And this story line has been suppressed for the past decade.

Is history such a huge lie of “historical” proportion that  we might as well be living in an alternate universe? And   in the end does it really matter?

Are we a force of good that rushes to spread democracy and freedom around the world — our government’s story? Or are we a selfish force of evil that is surreptitiously  empowering dictators such as Egypt’s Mubarak, Yemen’s Saleh, and the rest of the brutal tyrants around the globe, as most people in those countries believe– again, their version of the story is all  but forgotten?

I have always wondered: How many true and genuine narratives get buried under piles of  disingenuous and distorted versions– versions dictated by the powers in charge– and the world may never know about it.

And if that is the case, are we as a species  progressing for the better?


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