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The alternate universe we created

November 26, 2011

Whose story gets to be told and whose story gets forgotten?

Was Troy Davis a murderer as the state of Virginia claims? Or did Virginia execute an innocent man?

Is the history we’re writing and the history we have learned truth or fiction?

Today, our government claimed we killed many insurgents in Afghanistan– a story we’ve been told on a regular basis this past decade. There is another version of this story that is all but forgotten.  Afghani citizens said seven children were killed by the drone attack today. And this story line has been suppressed for the past decade.

Is history such a huge lie of “historical” proportion that  we might as well be living in an alternate universe? And   in the end does it really matter?

Are we a force of good that rushes to spread democracy and freedom around the world — our government’s story? Or are we a selfish force of evil that is surreptitiously  empowering dictators such as Egypt’s Mubarak, Yemen’s Saleh, and the rest of the brutal tyrants around the globe, as most people in those countries believe– again, their version of the story is all  but forgotten?

I have always wondered: How many true and genuine narratives get buried under piles of  disingenuous and distorted versions– versions dictated by the powers in charge– and the world may never know about it.

And if that is the case, are we as a species  progressing for the better?


Just how I feel

November 21, 2011

I know I am in love, not if I miss you when I am lonely. But if I miss you when I am not.

When I taste my favorite food and wish we’re having it together. When my garden blooms  and the basil smells like summer, when the mornings  promise a good day, when my hard work pays off, when serenity washes over my heart, when I cry of joy.

Not when I need you but when every moment seems to need us both; even a smiling  morning  or a gorgeous bloody sunset looks better with us holding hands.

When I am at my very best moments and I am missing you, this is when I know  I am in love with you.


Till the Euro do us part

November 20, 2011

How plentiful brothers are when you count them

But they are, in time of crisis, very few

                                                    Alsamaw’al, 6th century Arabic poet

When you’re rich and powerful, everyone wants to be your friend. Not so in a time of crisis.  That is exactly what is happening now across the pond in the Euro zone.

Many nations enjoyed being in the euro zone in fair winds. I remember traveling across Europe a few years back. Excitement was in the air. For many nations, getting into the Euro zone was like a ticket to paradise. It was like selling indulgences all over again in Europe; only on behalf of a different God this time around!

 Now that the ominous storm is gathering strength, those nations are scrambling to find a way out. They discovered nationalism all over again. Home sweet home indeed! 

And by the way, Turkey must be  having a (well deserved) Schadenfreude moment.  Its economy is booming and they look in a pretty good shape on many fronts. The European bigots (elites and otherwise) that  denied Turkey a membership in the Euro zone because of its muslim heritage did Turkey a favor, after all.  Bigotry pays, doesn’t it!


The American Little League of Arabia

November 12, 2011

Remind me again, please. Is it the Arab League or the American League of Arabia?

The American puppet regimes in the Middle-East, heeding a call from Hillary Clinton, suspended Syria’s membership in the League. But that is not the punch line. They suspended it because of the brutal crackdown on the democracy movement in Syria!

Now that must be  the joke of the century. Think about this surreal farce. Here we have a collection of kings, sultans (not particularly enlightened and benevolent bunch), and your garden variety brutal dictators calling for democratic dialogue between the government and the opposition in Syria.

The blood of the innocent protesters in the  bastion of democracy,  Bahrain, has not dried out yet. It has been straight out of the stone ages what  “our democratic allies” in Bahrain have been doing to its own peaceful protesters. The Jeffersonian democracy advocate king in the home of the American fifth fleet, Bahrain,  sentenced even doctors who helped near-death peaceful  protesters to 20 years in prison.  They have killed women, children, and elderly like the true barbarians they are. 

Obama and his “Arab League of lackeys”  have not heard of that one.


The Sonata of a child and a raspberry tree

November 3, 2011

How jaded we become as we grow older….

I watched through my kitchen window as the 5-year-old kid saw the raspberry fruit on a tree for the first time. A silent pleasure fountain bubbled in my heart as I watched one of life’s most magical moments unfold right before my eyes.

She had seen raspberries before but not on a tree. For a moment she stood motionless. Could that be real? she must have thought, or is it one of  “weird” JJ’s funny tricks?

Curiosity, not hunger, quickly got the best of her. She  extended her hand and reached for the ripe fruits.

As  the raspberry melted in her mouth, her eyes sparkled, and  she uttered a most adorable shriek laden with the kind of joy only kids can feel. Her heart was dancing to one of life’s mesmerizing, sacred symphonies.

Excitement swelled in my veins as the drama unfolded. The kid, now exhilarated,  reached for more with increasingly louder  laughter and faster swallows. “JJ…this is raspberry”, she screamed, her words tripping, her heart jumping, her eyes misting, and her cheeks turning intense red.

What was going through this kid’s head? I wondered. It was certainly not just the taste of the delicious snack. Was it the joy of a secret being revealed? Was it the intrigue mysteries evoke? Was it the innocent, uncontaminated pleasure of  learning something for the first time?

How magical  it was to feel the hypnotizing whispers of life on that kid’s innocent face.

Being jaded is a blight to one’s life. A  kid’s magical spirit can breathe life into anyone’s existence.