Dwarf Minds, Giant Egos

If  you’d like to get informed about what will happen next in the Middle East, start by ignoring our Middle East experts.

Tom Friedman, Roger Cohen, Nicolas Kristof, Farid Zakaria, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and almost every self-proclaimed expert have been enlightening us with their predictions.

The problem is those “giant- egoed” dwarf minds have never been anywhere near the truth about complicated issues in the Middle East (heck, not even the state department or our $80 b intelligence agencies.)

Recall when they’re all were cheering up the Iraq war and none of them got it right?

If Iraq is ancient history to you, just look at their forecasts when the spark that started it all in Tunisia erupted. None of them and I mean none predicted that Hosni Mubarak was next, or how much of a game changer this was going to be. In fact, up until two weeks into the Egyptian uprising, those great minds were predicting Mubarak to prevail in the end.

The Tsunami sweeping across the Middle East these days is bigger and more convoluted than any of those pitiful minds can absorb much less analyze. It doesn’t help when you come into the analysis arena with a huge baggage of bigotry  and racism either.

Stay tuned!


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