Attention Deficit and Budget Deficit

Move over, the deficit-cutting ax is just about to hit you.

By the way everyone, does anyone still remember the wars going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen? How much they’re still costing us; anyone?

Just take a look at this technologically marvelous and factually credible website and see where the deficit really comes from.

The cost of wars  to the state of Wisconsin so far: $18, 616, 142, 400 and it is multiplying by the second. Its deficit is $1.5B.

The cost of wars to New Jersey that required the hero of our time, Chris Christie to slash much-needed social programs: $53, 317, 921, 516. Its deficit is 10.5 B. Do you hear him even hint at this?

Just enter your state in the upper left hand corner of the website and see how much it is costing you by the minute. It is bleeding all of us dry.

And our esteemed officials are looking to save money by cutting  heating oil for the elderly, laying off school teachers,  busting the unions, and cutting funding for day care programs.

No one in the media is reporting on the cost of  wars anymore. It is total amnesia inducing a total attention deficit to the real problems.

We’re cannibalizing each other here at home. All of a sudden public employees and unions are the villains that caused the deficit. They’re the ones that brought the entire world’s economy to its knee!

It is scary. Be very afraid of what they’re doing to this country.


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