Pity that movie critic

I saw  the “Adjustment Bureau” yesterday. It is a science fiction movie tackling free will woven into a sweet romantic love story.

I loved it. Every atom in me felt alive with love and it showed through the reluctant tears in my eyes! It also made me question essential beliefs and priorities in my life and contemplate the meaning of fate.

The sweet aftertaste lasted long after the movie was over and left me in a trance well into the night, and I loved the feeling. 

What wouldn’t anyone pay to live such a magical feeling for a night; to feel alive with love, to enjoy a ride  through worlds of sweet dreams, and contemplate fate and the power to change it?

What more would anyone hope from a movie? 

Not a Christopher Kelly,  movie critic of MacClatchy Tribune. “…[w]ith one more mumbo- jumbo -y twist piled atop another…the more the characters talk, the more implausible the whole thing becomes..”; a cliché that could be used to berate most great sci-fi flicks. But that is not my point.

Does this guy even have feelings. Does a movie have to be a case study in logic? (actually, the plot fits together rather nicely)

All I can say is I pity the critics. They can’t feel. If you don’t come out of this movie overwhelmed with emotions, and feeling some abandoned corners of your soul awash with love,  you’re not alive.   


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One Response to “Pity that movie critic”

  1. johnjamesdamico Says:

    But he’s just one critic. Most of them liked that movie.

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