May be we can learn from the brave demonstrators in the Middle East

Is it me or is everyone’s logic is skewed nowadays.

Every colleague I talk to about the transformative events in the middle east is unphased by the heroic people over there; young and old. People are marching on between  bullets, tear gas,  and other dictators’ favorite lethal  instruments, demanding their freedom, their dignity, and their rights. But  we’re not impressed.

“Democracy doesn’t work over there” declares one intellectual. “Who said we’re not going to get something worse?”, boasts another. And those are the enlightened ones supposedly.

How ignorant can an enlightened one be? Very. Who are we to doubt those people who are bravely dying for their rights, fighting dictators and armies we in the USA have armed and trained? Who are we to dismiss those youths that have empowered themselves with technology and faith in kingdoms, “sheikdoms”,  and faux republics ruled by fear and terror?

Let’s just have a perspective here, folks. May be we can descend from our ivory tower for a moment, get a “patch” to cure  our brain’s addiction to  Facebook, ween ourselves off celebrity gossip, and look ourselves in the mirror. Money is ruling more than ever before: Bought off politicians;  hypocritical religious leaders; greedy bankers and billionaires;   corrupt supreme court justices, you name it. May be we can learn something from those demonstrators. For it won’t be long before we lose the American way of life we so  much cherish.


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