Muslim women of revolution in Bee suits!

Funny man Bill Maher likes to make fun of women in the Middle East. “Dressed in Bee suits”, he is fond of saying all the time;   he..he … I am not amused!

I hope he’s been watching the floods of  women dressed in Bee  suits  out in front of the demonstrators facing bullets of the regimes that Maher’s government supplies.  Women that have had an essential role in liberating their countries from tyranny enabled in big part by us.

Have our  women here been marching en masse in the past 10 years in the face of perpetual wars we have waged over a lie? Have they been marching en masse to protest the massive looting perpetrated by the banks and the super rich who robbed millions of Americans of their jobs and life-time savings? Have they been marching en masse against all of our government atrocities that Maher decries every week on HBO?

I am sure women in the Middle East have a long way to go toward more rights and emancipation. I am sure our women here have a long way to go as well.

However,  Bill Maher obviously likes his women to be more versed in Britney Spears’ underwear color than social justice. He’d rather have their naked bodies painted to decorate the parties at the playboy mansion than be activists. 



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