Those anti West Muslims!

“Anti West Islamist”! A slogan I hear quite often from our “intellectuals” these days to slam and demonize Muslims.

I won’t comment on whether Muslims are actually  anti West or not. My question is: Given Muslim countries’ experience with the West for the past several decades at least, is it outrageous if they were anti West?

The West has an awfully bad record  in that region. From colonizing it directly in the past to  siding with despots (and even installing and protecting them as they’re still doing today) against any popular movement demanding democracy or some participation in running its own country . Lets not forget, the West up until a few days ago still supported Mubarak, the tyrant of Egypt, and did not side with the revolting Egyptians until it was clear that Mubarak’s regime wouldn’t survive the uprising (even then they supported the military take over of government over there!).  And that is not to mention anything about the horror of the drones that are killing Muslim civilians indiscriminantly in Pakistan and Afghanistan almost on a daily basis.

So to hear a Tony Blankly on “Left, Right and Center”, on Friday of last week saying that he feared ” This uprising in Egypt is  anti West Islamist movement that is adversarial to the Western way of life”, when in fact it was overwhelmingly secular forces that drove that uprising, and the muslim elements in it  were very  minimal, is a farce.  What is the reason for anyone in the middle east to be sympathetic to the west? Because it supported the Shah of Iran and overthrew the popular elected leader Musaddik in 1952? Or because it supported Saddam Hussein for over 20 years? Or because it supports the kings of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco now? Or because it still supports the tyrants in Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, and the rest of those rotten regimes today? Or because it enables Israel to flout the rules of international laws and continue its occupation of Palestinian lands and invades its neighbors and/or bombs women and children and attack ships in international water? Why wouldn’t they be wary of the West when they have seen and experienced the “high moral standards” of the West”? That is the  question Blankly should have asked.

Blankly and his ilk are either paid to say these things or they’re intellectually dishonest. They practice intellectual prostitution. They sell their soul and brain for money. Only prostitution is benign, for the most part. But Blankly’s prostitution does cause catastrophic problems. It foments bigotry, intolerance, and hostile attitude on both sides of the spectrum.



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