Egypt has laid America bare

Egypt has been an education.

The true face of our government has been exposed without makeup, and it is not pretty. Anyone who still harbors an illusion about the “inherent goodness” of this country should be enlightened now by our position vis-a-vis the Egyptian uprising.  From our veep Biden who refused to utter that Mubarak is a dictator, to our secretary of state Hillary Clinton who declared “I am  a friend of the Mubarak’s family”,  to Obama himself who threw his weight behind the torturer- in- chief,  the head of the feared and brutal Egyptian intelligence agency Omar Suleiman who is on record saying that ‘Egypt is not ready for democracy yet’, as Mubarak has recently named him (I am not kidding) to oversee  the transition to democracy in Egypt.

And this is just our liberal leaning government. I am not going to mention the Dick Cheneys and  the  Rupert Murdochs of the world. 

What about our liberal pundits all over the newspapers and cable tv? Those are not elected officials. So one would think they can at least pay lip service to the democracy seeking protesters in Egypt. Sorry to disappoint you. They are overwhelmingly pro Mubarak (there are a few exceptions in the establishment media like Roger Cohen and Nikola Kristof of the NYT ).

What is disconcerting to me  here is this. Not only are our government and politicians pro dictators, but also our elite intellectuals. This is very frightening to me (you too should be afraid; very afraid about the direction this country is taking). 

We are not talking about statesmen and intellectuals that  attended Madrasas in Pakistan or graduated from the caves of Afghanistan here. These people attended Harvard, Yale, and other elite institutions. They are “la creme de la creme”. It makes one wonder about the viability and the humanity of our own culture as a whole.


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