Alan Dershowitz: Enemy of sunlight

Alan Dershowitz dabbles here  with what is going in Egypt. He tries to do what he does best: Planting reasonable doubts to acquit brutal murderers. Only the jury is smarter this time.

Never mind that the Egyptians have been living under a U.S. empowered brutal regime for 30 years. Never mind that a new spirit of dignity and longing for democratic changes are taking hold in Egypt. Never mind that the protesters are demanding exactly what Mr. Dershowitz claims he believes in: Free election. Never mind all that. He can only see the world through the prism of his bigotry and bias in favor of his masters: the Israeli Lobby in America.

It gets more farcical. After trying to convince us that those protesters on the streets of Cairo are nothing but a prelude to an Islamic form of government (don’t ask what evidence he has, you have to take his wise words for it. In fact, an informed opinion here  proves exactly how ignorant Mr. Dershowitz is about the subject), he imparts the infinite wisdom of his age in this most idiotic statement I’ve ever read about the crisis in Egypt:

The hard question is will it get better or worse. “It’s too soon to say.” My best guess is that it will get better for some and worse for others.

Really? Is that what the great Dershowitz best guess is?  It will get better for some and worse for others? It is hard to believe that this is the same guy who acquitted Von Bulow.

Dershowitz is  just one of those elite vampires that don’t like for the sun to shine where it is badly needed. He joins the growing ranks of elite vampires that prostitute their considerable skills to present to the American public a very distorted picture about  what is going on in the Middle-East.



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