Of the Funders, by the Funders, for the Funders

The headlines today  are worth a thousand lectures. They display the race of both the government and the congress to sell out and appease the actual ruling class: Corporations.

The Washington Post this morning (1.22.2011):

Corporate contributions have surged for new Republicans leaders in House.

 ‘The new Republican leaders in the House have received millions of dollars in contributions from banks, health insurers and other major business interests, which are pressing for broad reversals of Democratic policies that affect corporations, according to disclosure records and interviews. ‘

The washington Post this morning (1.22.2011):

Obama taps GE chief Immelt for jobs role, continuing outreach to big business

“President Obama on Friday tapped one of the country’s top corporate executives as his chief adviser on how to help American companies create more jobs at a time when Washington’s options for bolstering employment through public spending have narrowed.”

Well, there you have it folks. A government  of the funders, by the funders, for the funders.


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