Wikileaks and Tunisia’s Revolution: An Inexpensive Regime Change?

If  Wikileaks had the  honor of toppling only one corrupt autocratic leader (without actually going to trillion-dollar wars or killing millions of people,) then it would have been a worthy and noble cause.

The Ney York Times reports today     that ”Those cables, from the cache obtained by the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks and made public in recent weeks, helped fuel the anger on the streets that culminated Friday with Mr. Ben Ali’s flight after 23 years in power. Posted on a site created last month called TuniLeaks, the diplomats’ disgusted and lurid accounts of the kleptocratic ways of the president’s extended family helped tip the scales, according to many Tunisian commentators.”

To all of our democracy loving leaders (Biden, Obama, Huckabee, Palin, etc…) and to all of our leading, enlightened press and media figures, including the New York Times itself, who collectively have been condemning Wikileaks and , in some cases, calling for the murder of Assange, shouldn’t you be cheering on an organization that espouses freedom and democracy and exposes the corrupt governments for the rotten scoundrels they are?

The Washington Post has an op-ed piece this morning hailing the ousting of the Tunisian leader and calling for more democracy  in the Arab world. The irony is that the pages of the  WP have  been  adverserial to Assange and Wikileaks who  had actually done something to help spread democracy and freedom that The Washington Post so purportedly loves.


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