Cherry picking season at the Washington Post

Anyone who doubts  our establishment media’s job is to keep us in the dark while putting on their human-right-defending face ought to take a look at this piece from today’s Washington post (asa Likud Post).

They’re pointing to the annual report of Freedom House reporting on the freedom decline in the past year.

The Post conveniently cited all the bad players: Russia, China, Egypt (one of our strongest ally), Burma, etc….

However, what the post failed to even mention, the abysmal human rights record of our own country.

A report card issued by the group “Human Rights First” gave the Obama administration an “F” on “the Accountability for Torture”. Obama “has failed to hold accountable those who authorized and perpetrated torture against prisoners in U.S. custody”; independently, the failure “to provide redress to victims (see ‘State Secrets’ below) is a violation of international law and diminishes the credibility of the United States as standard-bearer for human rights worldwide.”, the group said ”

Listen to  Gen. Barry McCaffrey say:   “We tortured people unmercifully. We probably murdered dozens of them during the course of that, both the armed forces and the C.I.A.”  In fact, it is likely a 100 or more, but you’re not going to know if you read the Washington Post.

The list of our human rights violations is copious. From  indefinite detention without charges  and national security courts  to  “preventive detention”. From the program that allow the government to assassinate American citizens without due process whenever they’re deemed “dangerous” by Obama. This is not to mention the Patriot Act, The indiscriminate killings of civilians by drones, the warrantless spying on citizens, etc.. . etc…

Any nation with a rap sheet half as long, would be making the op-ed page of the Post and the Times on a biweekly basis,

But no! We are puritan. We are the defenders of democracy. And those damn Russians and Chinese are corrupting the globe.


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