Open market everywhere except in the market

Open market ethos is prevalent in almost every aspect of our society, except perhaps the market itself (the recent massive bailout for the banks comes to mind.)

Education, religion, government, press, politics, media,  etc… Everything is about the bottom line.

Nothing is genuine anymore. Truth and justice are the first casualty.

Politicians and pundits on radio and television attack Muslims, immigrants, or minorities just to boost their ratings.

Religious figures From Graham to Robertson (just to name a few) openly support wars and  military ventures. They  play on the primal fear of simple people while they rake it in and live the life of Riley. 

The press relentlessly plays the role of the government watchdog and faithfully repeats the government line on almost every  foreign policy issue. As a treat, they get to hobnob with government officials and even party together on the lawn of the white house.  Not just a press that is exclusively subservient to government but even to the financial giants.  Remember John Stewart’s classic “in Cramer we trust”? 

At schools and universities, I know first hand how teachers eager to get tenure or promoted inflate students’ grades in return for good evaluations.

I could go on and on as I see examples of this, day in and day out. Everything is for sale. Anything at all.

If I am sure of one thing, I am sure of this. Society and our humanity will suffer tremendously sooner or (not much) later to say the least.


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