A funny house on the hill

House liberals vowed to not support health care legislation unless it contains a robust public option plan. When it was time to vote, they voted for one without it anyway.

Some house members oppose the continuing war in Afghanistan but they turn around and vote for the supplemental bill to fund it anyway.

The overwhelming majority of house members decry the deficit but they don’t want to raise taxes to curb a historical runaway deficit.

Lieberman (among others) is against wasteful spending but he threatened to use filibuster tactics, if  one of his pet projects, the utterly unnecessary  nuclear submarine that gets made in his home state, was not funded.

The tea partiers are against big government, for individual freedom, and for upholding the constitution. However, they provided support  for the government to have the  most intrusive power to spy on people without a warrant, to dismantle habeas corpus, to kill united states citizens the government deems “dangerous” without a trial. They expanded the government through  unprecedented  security apparatus.

The president vow to have “the most transparent administration in history“, while relentlessly pursuing whistleblowers and concealing government documents.

They’re for the war and against it.

They’re for a public option and against it.

They’re deficit hawks and wasteful spenders.

They’re against big government and for big government.

They’re for transparency while they harass and intimidate  whistleblowers.

Oh, and they’re against torture but for “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

A funny house indeed.



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