Against The Death Penalty But All For War

As the civilian casualties mount due to the ongoing U.S. -led invasion of Afghanistan, images of Tony Blair, one of the main architects of the aggression wars being waged in the Middle-East, come to mind.

After the execution of the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein, who unlike many Muslims being detained in the U.S. actually had a fair and lengthy trial, Tony Blair, in a press conference, declared: “We are against the death penalty”. Notice the “we” in his sentence which is supposed to mean “we the civilized nations”, I guess.

Hundred of thousands of  civilians   have died as a direct result of the war  of aggression waged by Blair and Bush, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and other places. And they’re still dying now.  Millions have been dislocated and forced to flee to foreign countries. Generations of young people lost their life dreams. But Blair is against the death penalty.

Here in the U.S. A., and on the pages of the Op-Ed of the “progressive, liberal” New York Times no less,  we were treated to this appalling, repugnant article about how civilian death is hindering the war effort.  Tom Friedman frequently asks his signature question : “Where is the outrage in the Muslim world?”. But you’re not going to hear him asking: “where is the outrage in America”? or in the  “whole Western World for that matter? ” over this utter  monstrosity and lack of respect for basic human values displayed on the pages of his own newspaper.

Tony Blair,  Western Europe, and the rest of the civilized world  may be against the death penalty. It gives them an aura of civility. But they’re sure not against mass murder. In fact, they champion it under one pretense or another.



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