Clinton Awards Iran A Distinguihsed Membership

Hillary Clinton declared yesterday that Iran is moving toward a military dictatorship.

Good! So Iran is actually moving toward being one of our best friends.

Let’s  see the club it would join if what Clinton alleged was true.

The murderous dictators Chun of South Korea, Marcos of the Philippines, Saddam Hussein (yes the same one we overthrew) of Iraq, Suharto of Indonesia.., Somoza in Nicaragua, Zia ul Hak of Pakistan, Videla of Argentina,  Duvalier Francois  and Raoul Cedars, of Haiti, etc….

I mean come on…do you want me to go on?

For a complete list, see  “The politics of history” by Howard Zinn for documented proofs and  this. 

Update: After I posted this blog, I read this post by one of my daily must-read bloggers, the always insightful  Glenn Greenwald.



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