A Modern Day Greek Tragedy

It was  edifying to reflect on the news of this past week.

There was the debt crisis in Greece.  A Greek tragedy that could prove  detrimental to other Euro-Zone nations such as Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Italy. The fallout could even damage the UK. 

The other major story was the NATO offensive against….er..ready? The Taliban.

Anything wrong with this picture? The all-civilized- all-enlightened- all-rich- “great western nations” on the planet are faced with one of the major threats to their economy in the form of the crisis in Greece. And what are they doing? They’re capitulating to the United States, marching blindly to the drums of its endless wars, and launching a major offensive against the Taliban, a group that has never attacked any of these nations.

We are to believe that the Taliban, a group of rag-headed fighters in Afghanistan, probably a country in the running for the title “the poorest nation on earth”, is clear and present danger to the western civilization. And it is spreading fear and causing terror in the heart of the capitals of the “great nations”.

One would have to believe   the Taliban to be   a type of Star Trek- Borg  super fighters that possess an extraterrestrial weaponry so devastating that the  threat to our civilization  is imminent and requires  the billions, that could help Greece out of its debt crisis,  to be diverted to  the war effort in Afghanistan.

Are we all becoming insane? Has the world, led by the its “great civilized” nations, gone mad? How much money has been spent on this  war? And for what purpose?( See the  chart in the  link for what we could have done here at home for that much money from free health care for millions of people and  alternative energy homes, to loans for millions of students.)

You dont have to be illiterate, living in  the remote mountains of Afghanistan to be a blind lunatic. You could the scion of the “Renaissance”. You could be be living in Washington , London, Paris, Rome, or Berlin giving orders to ignite another  futile war.

The weapon industry is currently the only winner. But make no mistakes, we will all lose in the end.



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